Smart solutions and optimized processes thanks to more innovative business software

The IT solution should revolve around you and not the other way round? That’s how we see it too! The business software solutions we work with simplify business procedures, are aimed at the company’s requirements, and provide optimum support for collaborating with our clients. Whether an SME or a larger operation, we provide bespoke software solutions for all industries and according to individual requirements.


You require an audit-proof archive for important company data that you can access from anywhere? With StarFinder, MBC provides you with an appropriate digital solution.

StarFinder allows you convenient access to all documents and processes in file form. The integrated full-text search allows you to intuitively and quickly find any document required by using keywords.

According to your requirements, the paperless office can be hosted on your server (price on request) or you can use our ‘Digital Office’ service. This covers setting up StarFinder as well as scanning or, as may apply, binding all important company data in the current financial year (emails with attachments, files, folders, transactions and documents).

‘Das Aktienregister’ (the share register)

Are you annoyed by the many duties of notification and documentation, which must be carried out in an audit-proof manner satisfying conditions of the FATF? The MBC financial intermediary service provides you with reliable support and offers with ‘Das Aktienregister’ software an uncomplicated solution that meets all the legal demands.

The program offers:

  • proven functionalities for sovereign management of the shareholder base and associates,
  • considerable saving of time; with a few clicks are changes, stock splits or capital increases documented,
  • audit safety; each data change is permanently transparent and verifiable.

The MBC team supports you with the installation of the program, or with the initial investment of stock corporations. After that you can easily manage the shareholder base yourself or assign management to us.


A professional solution is needed for your bookkeeping without expensive installation? Then the AbaWeb web-based business software is of specific interest to you. This intelligent solution that greatly simplifies the interaction between the company and the ‘Treuhand’ (trust) is of use above all to SMEs. And it is fully mobile: Bookkeeping can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

The books are kept (with MBC’s support) by our clients themselves. Extensive activities such as financial statements or tax returns are prepared with AbaWeb and then checked by MBC. Obviously we train you and your staff in using the system. Advantages of AbaWeb:

• clearly defined and calculable monthly costs
• no initial outlay
• no software installation required
• flexibly adjusted to the needs of your company
• data backup, updates and maintenance are automatic


You want to schedule your company’s resources in a targeted manner? Reliable and adjustable solutions for medium and large companies with warehousing or complex issues is provided by the Windows-based Navision program.

Extensive stock systems can be recorded and managed with this software. It is implemented together with an IT service provider from our network who takes on the technical work. MBC designs the bookkeeping aspects.

In particular: Navision is able to map out all of your company’s relevant processes (such as warehouse including goods in and out) and link them to the required bookkeeping programs. This makes reporting and enterprise resource planning simple.

We will be happy to explain your options for mapping out with Navision during a consultancy meeting.

Individual IT solutions

Bulk-configured software in combination with ambitious service provision is required? MBC provides you with the IT solution for taking your company forward. Together with our experienced experts we provide you with individual advice and find the right solution on the software market for your issues.

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