The right solution for every business challenge

Our mission statement sets out what motivates MBC’s team.

Mission – We offer our clients, business partners and staff genuine added value based on mutual trust and long-term partnerships. We always work and communicate in an efficient, open and expedient manner.

‘Treuhand’ (trust) – As an established ‘Treuhand’ (trust) company we guarantee professional skill and experience when working with our partners.

Clients – The personal interaction with our clients is alive and nurtured. We constantly adjust our service to your needs. Client satisfaction is of the highest priority.

Staff – A good working climate is an important requirement for providing our services. Only if the staff are motivated are they able to keep our clients happy.

Vision – As a company specializing in administration and ‘Treuhand’ (trust) we are constantly expanding our range of services in accordance with the requirements of the clients’ and the market. This is how we open new and innovative areas of business and continue to grow. In doing so it is particularly important to also be a point of contact for all sectors and client categories – from the smallest company to the group.

MBC Management & Business Consulting

Bösch 80 A
6331 Hünenberg / ZG
Telefon: +41 (0) 41 / 781 55 37
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