Trust and partnership These clients build on MBC

A good, trusting partnership with clients is important when implementing joint projects and plans. We have compiled a few references to allow you to make your own mind up.

“When I decided to set up on my own, MBC supported me through all steps of the formation stage. This allowed me to focus fully on setting up the tattoo shop. This helped me a lot. MBC has continued to deal with the bookkeeping and taxes. And I am very happy with this.”

Ük ‘Jack’ Abdulkerim (owner of  Alpha Tattoo Shop)
Client since 2014

“Dealing with wine is often challenging if you want to market on the international stage. MBC provides me with professional advice in Switzerland in all matters regarding sales, logistics and warehousing. I can really count on the IT solutions when doing my cellar inventory and the bookkeeping – a real weight off my shoulders.”

Stefan Breuer (vintner and owner of Stefan Breuer winery)
Client since 2006

“The staff at MBC understand our core business and have also become involved in very complex relationships, which has greatly helped with our bookkeeping solution. I personally have been rating MBC’s consultancy services for many years and have seen my company take off.”

Beat Horlacher (Director of techlan GmbH)
Client since 2009

“MBC’s experts have been assisting us since 2011 in all important matters relating to accounting, tax planning and financial statements in a competent and capable manner. The entire IT project went exactly to plan and in close cooperation with those responsible in our company – we could always rely on them.”

Dr Michael Peetz (Chairman of the Advisory Board for Digital Dental Life AG)
Client since 2011

“A high degree of accuracy and know-how is required for a group of companies like ours operating internationally. Our products and stocks need to be accounted for and reported for tax purposes where applicable in a number of countries. MBC understood how to implement a solution to cover all requirements in terms of technology and content.”

Tobias Richter (CEO of TRI Dental Implants Int. AG, Switzerland)
Client since 2011

“We didn’t make it easy for the project team. Our wine and delicacies are produced, stored and administered in Italy. Our sales and distribution are based in Germany, where there is also has a warehouse. All of these aspects had to be considered when introducing the new stock management system. Added to this were the various tax and sales tax laws to be borne in mind with bookkeeping and financial reports. The specialists at MBC excelled at implementing our project and are really committed to assisting our company. We receive the best advice.”

Kristin Eisenberg (Managing Director for Villa Caviciana)
Client since 2014

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